Chemistry investigates the properties of matter at the atomic scale and also looks into the nature of molecules, ions and compounds.  These substances are the building blocks of the materials that surround us in the universe.  Chemistry is a major subject when it comes to developing new materials and resources, it also informs how we can produce new materials from old, refine our fuels, develop food, medicines and textiles

The National 5 and Higher Chemistry courses follow three hierarchical units:  chemical changes and structure; nature’s chemistry; chemistry in society.

Both levels are assessed similarly.  For N5 there is one exam paper and the externally assessed assignment.  For Higher there are two separate exam papers and the externally assessed assignment.

Our fully qualified tutors at Saturday School offer support in National 5 and Higher Chemistry via the following options:

  • Weekly revision classes
  • Easter revision classes
  • SQA in a Day – intensive exam revision courses