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English Qualifications > Course for International Students

English Qualification for International Students

August – May

  • Online distance learning, live classes with full support

  • Additional support staff to translate and interpret course materials 

  • Globally recognised alternative to IELTS for visa and university entry

  • SQA enrolment for final exam

This course offers international students who are currently living and studying in the UK the opportunity to add a globally recognised SQA English Qualification to their list of existing credentials.  SQA Higher English is also accepted as an alternative to IELTS for student visa and entry to many universities in the UK. 


The course is delivered online meaning students can access this course from home.  It is led by fully qualified and experienced teachers in SQA English courses with additional support staff assisting the students with translation and interpret between English, Chinese and other languages. 


There are a small number of set dates which students must attend Saturday morning classes in person - usually three or four across the full academic year - however, this course is perfect for those who wish to complete an English qualification via a flexible and online learning setting.


Saturday School is the solution for international students who require a high-quality English qualification to enhance the existing courses and programmes they are working towards without affecting the time they need to allocate to existing commitments.

International Students who complete this course are often:

  • Looking to enhance their career prospects in the UK or in their native country

  • Looking for an alternative English qualification to IELTS

  • Seeking to build their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills

  • Requiring support to plan and create high quality essays and reports in English for their current university courses

  • In need of enhanced support to build their English language and analysis skills

  • Simply looking to enhance their existing English literacy skills

Find more information on the SQA English Qualification page.

When and where

National 5 and Higher SQA English classes run online from August - May.


The final SQA exam is April/May.

There are typically three or four mandatory in-person attendances required at The Glasgow Academy to complete key assessments.  These dates are provided when a place on the course is offered.

All weekly live online lessons begin at 09.00 and end on or before 12.00.

Fees and structure

£1000 full price

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