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National 5 Maths Qualification > Course for School Aged Learners

National 5 Maths Online Qualification Course for school aged and home educated learners

  • Online distance learning course

  • Blended learning delivery of National 5 Maths

  • Live lessons, video content and self study model

  • Regular one-to-one sessions with your teacher

  • 24/7 online support

  • SQA registration for final exam included

  • Internationally recognised alternative to GCSE

August - May

National 5 Maths is not only a prerequisite for Higher Maths; it has also become a very common entry requirement to an increasing number of college and university courses.  It is therefore a highly sought-after qualification for young people of school/ early college age.

Many young people currently in school or college can have difficulty adding National 5 Maths to their timetable or existing course schedule.

Saturday School is often the solution for these learners who require the qualification yet do not have the option of adding it to their existing weekday commitments.  Completing the National 5 Maths Qualification at Saturday School allows young people to gain the award with no impact on their weekly studies.  Classes are run on a part-time weekend basis on Saturday mornings.

Teachers who deliver this class are full time, fully qualified GTCS registered teachers who are currently delivering the N5 Maths course in Scottish schools or colleges.  The courses fee covers all taught classes, learning materials, textbooks, stationery, snacks and refreshments.  We also complete your registration with SQA for the all-important final exam.  

Typical entrants to this course are often:

  • Prospective entrants into further or higher education courses

  • Looking to enhance their career prospects

  • Keen to enhance their qualifications and UCAS application

  • Prospective entrants into primary teaching (PGDE Primary)

  • Prospective entrants into secondary teaching (PGDE Secondary)

  • Looking to enter HNC, HND or degree courses

  • Applicants for nursing or midwifery courses

  • Prospective entrants into armed forces or emergency services

  • Simply looking to enhance their existing Maths and problem solving skills

Find more information on the SQA National 5 Maths Qualification page.

All Saturday School Maths courses are supported by Dynamic Maths

When and where

National 5 Maths classes run from August - May each year.

The final exam is typically April/May.

All weekly classes begin at 09.00 and end at 12.00.

Saturday School Limited’s National 5 Maths Qualification course takes place both online and in-person at The Saunders Centre, The Glasgow Academy.  The final exam also takes place in-person in Glasgow.

Fees and structure


To enquire or apply contact us.

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