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Thank you!

Thank you for completing the first stage of your application.


Stage two is now to complete a short maths assessment linked below.

Assessment advice

There are two parts to the assessment: part one which is a set of non-calculator questions; part two where the use of a calculator is permitted.

If your answer is a fraction, please use a forward slash to show this, for example, three quarters would be typed as 3/4.

We advise that you do not take this assessment immediately. Select a time in the days ahead where you can commit to this assessment - approximately one hour - where you have no distractions. This also allows you time to prepare and revise the following suggested areas:

  • Basic numerical process including whole numbers decimals, fractions and percentages

  • Algebra

  • Areas & Volumes 

  • Pythagoras

  • Trigonometry

Useful learning and revision materials to support you in advance of the assessment can be found here:

This assessment is not an entry test, it is simply to give yourself and the team at Saturday School an idea of your current level of ability in Maths. We understand that you are at the start of the learning journey, the real learning and development will take place once we identify your potential and you start your course with us.

The team at Saturday School will take all factors into account before offering you a place on the course, the assessment score is simply one factor in this offer.

As an alternative method, you may find it helpful to complete the assessment on paper and input your answers afterwards.

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