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The English Folio, Science Assignments and other externally assessed items of coursework are crucial to a student in attaining a successful final grade for a course. The English folio forms 30%, while the Science assignments form 20% of the final course grade.

Saturday School Ltd offers an online support and revision Scotland service for any student completing an SQA National Qualification and who is looking for reasonable assistance in their essays and assignments. Our staff will use their experience as teachers and SQA markers to support students to produce their own coursework items to the best of their ability and to the highest possible standard they can achieve.

Students can expect:

Assistance in the selection of tasks, topics and subject areas.

Clarification and explanation of SQA standards, specifications and assessment guidelines to ensure a student is producing work which meets these important criteria.

Assistance in exploring ideas and questions that candidates have on the suitability of the work being produced.

Verbal advice and feedback on the work produced.

Complimentary re-read of a second draft.

All of our staff fully adhere to the malpractice policies of Saturday School Ltd and the SQA to ensure that the integrity of any external assessment is not compromised.

More information on this service can be given by contacting us via email or by telephone.