Saturday School Limited’s weekly revision classes in SQA National 5 and Higher subjects have been crafted to develop skills, deepen subject knowledge and increase confidence.  Our team of tutors cover Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish.  Classes combine a combination of re-teaching key areas from the course – chosen by students and staff – whilst also building exam technique and offering one-to-one support.

9 am till 12 noon
January till May


Our three-hour weekly revision classes enable students to master the key areas which they are finding difficult in their chosen subject for that day.

Our wealth of teaching experience, expertise and high quality learning resources allow us to maximise pupil attainment in National 5 and Higher SQA courses.  We also continually evaluate strengths and areas for development to determine how best to support progress for all of our students.

All of Saturday School Limited’s weekly classes follow a unique model which has been perfected over many years. Consequently, students can expect:

  • Three-hour weekly classes, giving the opportunity to master specific areas of SQA courses and therefore deepen understanding and gain thorough knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Tried and tested, effective strategies which develop exam technique to ensure students can approach unseen questions in a controlled, logical and successful manner.
  • Tutors who are fully registered GTCS teachers, currently teaching in Scotland’s schools or colleges today and who are excellent, committed classroom practitioners.
  • Online support via a free and secure online learning platform.  Students can contact Saturday School Limited’s tutors at any time, day or night, to seek advice, ask questions, or request feedback on their work.
  • All stationery items, learning materials (electronic and hard copy).
  • A fifteen minute break with light snacks and refreshments provided.


All weekly tutoring classes are delivered in small groups with a typical limit 6 students to 1 tutor.  Saturday School Limited has found this model to be far more effective than traditional home tuition as it provides students with a socially dynamic and collaborative learning experience.  Saturday School Limited believe that to maximise learning, students should engage in a range of strategies which enhance and consolidate knowledge gained and encourage discussion to analyse, evaluate and expand their own understanding of SQA courses.  Of course, there are occasions where one-to-one tuition is essential and this is integrated into our classes.

Weekly tutoring classes are aimed at any pupil or student studying SQA National 5 or Higher in Biology, Chemistry, English, Human Biology, Maths, Physics or Spanish.

For those who wish to gain a full SQA National 5 or Higher Qualification please go to the SQA Courses pages for further information.

Saturday School can not provide any support to candidates in the preparation of their externally assessed coursework items such as English folio pieces or Science assignments.  This is solely the responsibility of the presenting centre.  This ensures that the SQA guidelines are fully adhered to and that the integrity of such coursework is intact.