Physics has become somewhat of a “go to” STEM subject in recent years as, for a single subject, it encapsulates an incredibly diverse range of topics and skill sets.

Physics is the subject that explains and investigates the world, and indeed Universe, in which we live.  From the very small particles that we are made of to the exploding universe, Physics covers it all.

National 5 and Higher Physics follow a similar model around three main units of learning:  dynamics and space; electricity and energy; waves and radiation.

Both levels are assessed similarly.  For N5 there is one exam paper and the externally assessed assignment.  For Higher there are two separate exam papers and the externally assessed assignment.

Our fully qualified tutors at Saturday School offer support in National 5 and Higher Physics via the following options:

  • Weekly revision classes
  • Easter revision classes
  • SQA in a Day – intensive exam revision courses