Higher Maths Formula Sheet with notes and examples

There's the Higher Maths Formula Sheet that you'll find in the SQA exam, and on some websites, and then there's our Higher Maths Formula Sheet! Ours has been specially made to provide extra support to Higher Maths students to explain which formulae you need to know and remember and which key areas from the course it is linked to. We've even provided examples from past paper questions where it applies, and of course, the solutions! This one is designed especially for the SQA 2022 Higher Maths exam to include only the areas which will be assessed.


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The Circle Formulae

SQA Higher Maths formula sheet circle formulae

In exam questions often the equation of a circle is given in this form. You would use the information above to determine the centre and radius of the given circle.

The centre will be the coefficients of x and y divided by –2. Substitute these values and the constant c into the radius equation to find the radius.

Past Paper Example (Non-Calculator):

Another equation of a circle:

Higher Maths SQA Formula Sheet - equation of a circle

In exam questions when you are asked to find the equation of a circle, this is the formula that you should use. You need to find the centre and radius then substitute.

Past Paper Example (Non-Calculator):

Higher Maths SQA Formula Sheet - equation of a circle


Trigonometric Formulae

Addition Formulae:

SQA Higher Maths Trigonometric Formulae Addition Formulae:

Note that when using cos, if you have a ‘plus’ the expansion will have a ‘take away’.

Common exam questions using these formulae often involve calculating trig. ratios using SohCahToa. Then substituting these values into one of the above expansions.

Past Paper Example (Non-Calculator):


Double Angle Formulae

SQA Higher Maths Formula Sheet Double Angle Formulae