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Job opportunity - H/N5 Maths

Maths Teachers in Glasgow and West of Scotland

Saturday School is recruiting!

Come and join Scotland’s premier tutoring school and SQA Approved Centre.

[January to May 2024 – approx. 40 hours of in-person classroom delivery, £1800].

Saturday School Ltd is looking to recruit an engaging, experienced and inspirational maths teacher to deliver our series of Weekly Lessons and Grade Booster Days from January to May 2024. The classes are delivered in person at our state-of-the-art delivery site, The Saunders Centre, at The Glasgow academy.

To apply, you must be a fully qualified, GTCS registered teacher of Maths. You must also be a member of PVG Scheme. Experience as an SQA Marker/verifier is also highly desirable.

The chosen applicant will deliver the following classes:

N5 Weekly Lessons (80 minutes each):

13th Jan - Algebra including brackets, factorising and completing the square 20th Jan - Volumes, Arcs & Sectors 27th Jan - Straight Line & Changing the Subject 4th Feb - Equations, Inequalities & Algebraic Fractions 24th Feb - Simultaneous Equations & Functions 2nd Mar - Pythagoras & Angles 9th Mar - Quadratics 23rd Mar - Trigonometry

H Weekly Lessons (80 minutes each):

13th Jan - Lines in triangles 20th Jan - Differentiation: trig functions and the chain rule 27th Jan - Applications of differentiation: tangents, curve sketching and optimisation. 4th Feb - Polynomials: discriminant and solving quadratic inequalities 24th Feb - Functions and graphs of functions 2nd Mar - Applications of Integration: differential equations, definite integral and areas 9th Mar - Circles 23rd Mar - Solving trig. equations: addition formulae and double angle formulae

Higher Grade Booster Days (4 hours each):

(Day 1 and 2 together give an entire course revision in preparation for the exam)

Set 1, Day 1 - Wed 3rd Apr

Set 1, Day 2 - Thursday 4th April


Set 2, Day 1 – Sat 11th May

Set 1, Day 2 – Sunday 12th May

If you would like to work with our outstanding and dedicated students, apply by email to giving a general overview of:

· Your current role

· Level of experience

· SQA marker’s role if relevant

· Other relevant information on why you fit the role.

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