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Top Tutor status achieved!

We’re proud to have been chosen as a ‘Top Tutor’ by DESKit

At Saturday School Scotland, we’ve spent many years moulding the minds of the future, teaching children from all walks of life to be ready for their next stage of education.

Which is why it’s always great to be recognised within the community as a top tutor in the area.

DESKit, a leading supplier of laminating and office supplies, has recently unveiled its selection of ‘Top Tutors’, as part of its latest campaign.

After searching high and low for the best tutors across the UK, those that most impressed the team will be awarded the coveted DESKit ‘Top Tutor’ badge.

And, we’re proud to reveal that the retailer has chosen Saturday School Scotland as a Top Tutor for Scotland!

After researching and discovering tutors across the UK, DESKit awarded the badge to tutors and tutoring businesses that really go above and beyond for their students.

From National 5 and Higher Maths, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Spanish, we’re thrilled to have been selected for the accolade.

We also loved hearing the wonderful words the DESKit team had to say about us:

“For the DESKit team, Saturday School Scotland was an obvious choice for inclusion in our ‘Top Tutor’ directory.

“Based in Glasgow, they are one of the only tutoring schools in the country who are SQA Approved. This means that not only do they offer full qualifications for their students, but they also offer outstanding tuition services, giving young people a great head start for their next step in education.

“Where Saturday School Scotland really impressed the DESKit team was through their additional charity work. Following on from a successful pilot last year, this November, the team will also be launching a scholarship programme.

“This programme will provide tutoring opportunities for young people who suffer with Crohn’s Disease, a debilitating condition that can greatly impact a child’s learning. As part of the campaign, Saturday School Scotland will fully fund students who have the disease, allowing them to fill in the gaps of their education.

“Alongside this wonderful cause, DESKit is thrilled to award Saturday School Scotland with a ‘Top Tutor’ badge.”

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