Saturday School Limited is an SQA Approved Centre where students have the opportunity to complete an SQA National Qualification course (and Personal Development Award) on a part time basis through specialist weekly Saturday classes.

During completion of an SQA National Qualification at Saturday School Limited students can expect:

A dynamic and flexible approach to learning by blending lecture style teaching with more interactive, student-led, tutorial style work.

A fully registered GTCS teacher.

Assessments, marked and graded by Saturday School Limited’s tutors. Full feedback is provided to students in order to further develop knowledge and skills.

A course textbook is provided for use, as well as access to tutors via a secure online learning platform for the duration of the course. This enables students to download from Saturday School Limited’s bank of varied electronic learning resources; seek support and ask any questions, day or night. All stationery items are also provided.

A flexible approach to attainment such as changing levels or adopting a “unit by unit” approach to ensure maximised recognition and certification of learning.

Weekly snacks and refreshments.

All students have the opportunity to complete a Personal Development Award in conjunction with a National Qualification course to further enhance future career and education prospects.

By undertaking an SQA National Qualification course, Saturday School Limited offer progression into higher level courses. Support is also available in job seeking, college or UCAS applications.