SQA Personal Development Award


The SQA Personal Development Award is available at SCQF level 5 and 6 and is open to any student who is either enrolled at their own school or college, is completing another SQA National Qualification with Saturday School Limited, or is simply looking for a powerful addition to his or her CV. The SQA Personal Development Award carries the same credit points as gaining an additional National 5 or Higher and is therefore an incredibly valuable award to gain in terms of improving career, further or higher education prospects. It is also recognised by UCAS as a wider achievement award and can be identified when applying to college or university. It is an ideal way for a candidate to set him or herself out from a group as it identifies an individual who has undertaken and completed additional development work whilst evaluating and building their own personal skills.

For students who regularly attend Saturday School Limited’s Weekly Classes or are taking a SQA National Qualification with Saturday School Limited the SQA Personal Development Award can be completed in conjunction with weekly attendance. This can also be taken as an stand-alone course by anyone looking to enhance their skills and future opportunities.

The SQA Personal Development Award is unlike a traditional qualification as there is no set list of mandatory areas to be taught. At SCQF levels 5 and 6 it is a student-led course where there is freedom and responsibility to prepare, develop and review set determined projects in areas such as: self awareness, community and practical abilities. There is also a group-based task for students where the current task is to research, design and deliver an online learning experience via one (or more) of the many social media platforms available. This project develops learning across several curricular areas while also developing a person’s literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

The SQA Personal Development Award also incorporates visits from external partners such as: college and university representatives; STEM Ambassadors; employers and partners in industry, technology and the wider world of work.

This valuable SQA award is perfect for developing a wide range of skills, qualities and experiences in a creative, innovative and enterprising way free from the pressures of externally assessed final exams.

When & Where

SQA Personal Development Awards start in September and run until the SQA exam diet in May.

These are delivered (usually) on the final Saturday of each month.

For a list of dates please click to view the SQA Courses Calendar.

All classes begin at 12 PM and finish at 1 PM.

Courses are delivered in our modern, award winning campus in Glasgow, Scotland. More information about the campus is available at Location: Glasgow.


The SQA Personal Development Award is £300 for students enrolled on this course only.

​The SQA Personal Development Award is £100 for students who regularly attend Weekly Classes.

The SQA Personal Development Award is £100 for students enrolled on an SQA National Qualification course.

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