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Teacher Interview Skills
Be the outstanding candidate


  • A comprehensive online course to master your interview skills

  • Suitable for unpromoted posts in primary and secondary

  • Packed with techniques, guidance and advice from an expert group

  • Work at your own pace through a series of digital learning activities


from a team of skilled interviewees and interviewers - from recently appointed NQTs to Senior Leaders who will tell you all you need to know and what to expect 


everything about the interview process and how to deliver perfectly structured and expertly detailed answers that will maximise your chances of success


your own unique style, structure and confidence to ensure that every answer you give perfectly represents your knowledge experience, skills and qualities


the art of the teacher interview - from high quality dialogue to perfect  professional monologue - ensure that you are the outstanding candidate for the post 
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Teacher interview skills is led by Graeme Rough, Director of Saturday School.  

Graeme is also Head of STEM Programmes at SSERC and has many years of teaching/education experience.  During his time as Faculty Head of Science at Wallace High School, he led the NQT interview training programme, every year, supporting new teachers through the interview process via a series of teacher workshops and CPD sessions.  He has extensive experience in teacher recruitment and has sat on many interview panels, for a range of posts.

Graeme has enlisted the support and expertise of many colleagues and friends in education to help build this course and his expert guests offer priceless insight to help fully understand the process and expectations on interviewees.

"Over the years, I've asked many interview questions to many candidates, and most of them are questions I've written myself or as part of a panel.  I love working in education for so many reasons and supporting people through the interview process always seems to build a professional and emotional investment in people for me.  Teacher interviews are daunting and they are an art, that's why I'm always rooting for them come the big day!"


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