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National 5 Maths Qualification for Adult Learners

The Team

Graeme and Victoria are the co-directors of Saturday School Limited, a SQA approved centre and highly successful tutoring school.  They work alongside a team of dedicated, talented and engaging GTCS registered and fully qualified teachers, many of whom are Principal Teachers and experienced in all of the assessment standards associated with their respective subjects.

Graeme Rough & Victoria Rose

About Us

What We Offer

Saturday School is a tutoring school and SQA approved centre based in Glasgow.

Whether you are a high school student looking for a tutor or an adult looking to gain a new qualification, we can support you.

All of our tutors are fully qualified and GTCS registered teachers of National 5 and Higher Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish.  Our tutors in Glasgow offer:

  • Private one to one tuition in National 5 or Higher subjects
  • Weekly small group revision classes
  • Prelim revision sessions
  • Easter revision classes
  • SQA in a Day intensive revision courses


Saturday School is a SQA Approved Centre offering weekend and part-time qualification courses in Glasgow for National 5 and Higher Maths, English and Physics.  Our Saturday morning qualification courses are enabled for the Individual Training Account so you may receive funding towards your course.

What We Provide

All of our students are provided with a wealth of learning materials and stationery for each National 5 or Higher class they attend.  This applies to all of our tutoring classes and full qualification courses.  We also offer constant online support to all of our students, so the support our tutors provide extends well beyond the Saturday morning class.

We provide:

  • All necessary stationery
  • SQA endorsed textbooks
  • Past paper and mock exams
  • A vast online learning library
  • Snacks and drinks

Our Class Times

Weekly Revision classes run annually from January until May.  These begin at 9 am and end at 12 noon with a short break around 10.30 am.  Students cover one subject per Saturday.

Easter Revision classes typically run during the second week of the Easter fortnight – each subject is allocated to one full day and students only attend the relevant day(s).  These begin at 10 am and end at 2 pm with a half-hour lunch.

SQA in a Day intensive exam revision courses run each year according to the SQA exam timetable and normally begin in April continuing into May.  We aim to run each “in a day” course as close to the final exam as possible.  These begin at 10 am and end at 4 pm with two short breaks either side of a half-hour lunch.

SQA National 5 and Higher Qualification courses begin in September and run to the final SQA exam diet in April/May.  Classes run from 9 am to 12 noon.  Please see the calendar for details of the National 5 and Higher subjects and specific dates available.

Students undertaking the SQA Personal Development Award will meet with staff one Saturday per month following the usual weekly class. This will be from 12 PM to 1PM.

Free prelim revision classes run in November or December each year and are typically aimed towards National 5 Maths.  Classes run from 9 am till 12 noon and a small donation to one of our partner charities is required.

Our Prices

Weekly Revision classes are £75 per week.

Easter Revision classes are £90 each.

SQA in a Day intensive exam revision courses are £100 each.

SQA Personal Development Awards are £100 for existing students or £300 if studied as a stand alone course.

SQA National 5 or Higher Qualification courses are £700 each (ITA funding may be available).

Please enquire or see the relevant section of the website for more information:


Saturday School Limited is located in the heart of the city in City of Glasgow College’s award winning, state of the art Cathedral Street Campus.  All of our National 5 and Higher tutoring classes and qualification courses are held here.   More information about the building can be found on City of Glasgow College’s website.  Saturday School Limited are privileged to have been given a set of spacious classrooms on the third floor.  All of these classrooms offer large writing spaces, complete with fully interactive white board technology, enabling Saturday School Limited’s tutors to deliver a more visual and engaging learning experience.