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Case Studies: How to get a Scottish Higher or National 5 SQA Online Qualification

Are you considering taking your National 5 Maths qualification with us? 

Find out what our most recent students have to say about their Saturday School experience!

I needed the N5 Maths Qualification in order to go on and study Higher Maths because this is an entry requirement for the university course I wanted to take.  I would definitely recommend Saturday School because I think the teaching methods are suitable for everyone and it is much easier to follow and understand because it covers the whole curriculum from the beginning to the end. 


If you are a high school age student, there is no need to worry about being in a classroom with a different age range of students.  Everyone is starting from the same place of needing support to achieve N5 Maths and the atmosphere is very relaxed.


Shae (cropped).jpg

Shae, N5 Maths Student

Oliver (cropped).jpg

Oliver, N5 Maths Student

I needed N5 Maths to apply for a Post Grad (PGDE) in Primary Teaching.  There are a number of things I like about Saturday School, one thing in particular is the level of care that goes into each student.  For example, a progress report after assessments from Graeme makes things personal to the individual. 


It’s different because it takes place on a Saturday. I studied N5 last year in the evenings and after an all day shot at uni it was near impossible to focus on maths. 


The lecturers are truly dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you.  They really do care if you are successful or not.  Graeme ensures that he knows people by name in order to make things personal.  I’ve been given progress reports to allow me to reflect on what I’ve done.  I never got any of that from previous experiences.


Saturday School has been a great experience and the teachers are very good in their particular subjects.  I needed the N5 Maths Qualification to apply for a PDGE and go into teaching high schools.  Furthermore, going to study N5 Maths on a Saturday has allowed me to study and continue working full-time during the week.  The teachers and the structure is very organised at Saturday School and there is always someone there to answer any questions.


David (cropped).jpg

David, N5 Maths Student


Kirsty, N5 Maths Student

I was uncertain if I would ever see a National 5 Maths award against my name after struggling with it for so long!

Saturday School Ltd from day one have been tremendously supportive, spending time each week checking in with each student, going over any challenges and putting strategies in place to help stay motivated and increase our confidence. 


Graeme dedicates time after each block of the course to send each student personal feedback on their strengths and praise their progress; during the pandemic this has been extremely encouraging and motivating.

Saturday School Ltd has provided me with the skills and confidence to successfully learn content I have always felt was out with my reach both academically and personally. The team provides a friendly and stimulating environment each week, engaging with each student whilst providing top class tuition.


I started my Nat 5 maths course in the hope of one day furthering my studies to university level as I found  that Nat 5 maths was an entry requirement for most courses.


Graeme Vicky and Alistair are fantastic, from the teaching to the support they offer. During the Nat 5 course I changed jobs which meant going from part time to full time and also more work commitment.  I still managed my course whilst doing this and looking after my 3 children - if I can do it then anyone can!


If you’re thinking about joining Saturday School then I would say go for it!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Walking through the doors of the Glasgow Academy on the first day I was made to feel welcome and instantly knew I had made the right decision to do my Nat 5 maths at the Saturday School.  Whilst I’m looking forward to having my Saturday mornings back when this is finished, I will miss the close-knit community of our class and seeing everyone every week.  It’s certainly been a journey I won’t forget. 



Lauren, N5 Maths Student


Angela, N5 Maths Student

I had been thinking about applying to study National 5 Maths for the past few years, however, I always decided against it having been told in school I'd never pass. I came across Saturday School and reluctantly sent an e-mail to say I was thinking of applying, whilst also raising my concerns and admitting how terrible I was at maths!

Graeme arranged a phone call with me after this and I immediately felt encouraged and supported. I have not studied Maths for a long time but Allistair and Vicki have supported and encouraged me from the start, going above and beyond throughout the year.

Never in my life would I have thought that I'd have used the words 'enjoy' and 'maths' in the same sentence, but thanks to the team at Saturday School, I can honestly say that I have. I've loved every minute of being challenged and pushed to achieve what I believed wasn't possible.

If you're thinking about applying for National 5 Maths, do yourself a favour and choose Saturday School as the place to do it. Graeme and his team are absolutely fantastic and you won't regret it.


I've always wanted to pursue a career in computer science, and having National 5 maths will give me more options in terms of going to university in the future. I never had a lot of confidence when it came to maths when I was at school.  Before attending Saturday School, I was worried about the difficulty and pace of the course as it had been many years since I had sat exams.


I cannot praise the team at Saturday School enough for their professionalism and how approachable they are.  Allistair and Vicky have a consistent approach which is very effective, and they are very supportive if you need any help with the work. As a result, I not only passed the course, I gained study skills and confidence in my ability to learn.  


If you are considering taking National 5 Maths, Saturday School is an excellent choice.  It's a brilliant service which I highly recommend!



Robert, N5 Maths Student

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