Case Studies

Find out what our students have to say about their Saturday School experience!

I needed the N5 Maths Qualification in order to go on and study Higher Maths because this is an entry requirement for the university course I wanted to take.  I would definitely recommend Saturday School because I think the teaching methods are suitable for everyone and it is much easier to follow and understand because it covers the whole curriculum from the beginning to the end. 


If you are a high school age student, there is no need to worry about being in a classroom with a different age range of students.  Everyone is starting from the same place of needing support to achieve N5 Maths and the atmosphere is very relaxed.


Shae, N5 Maths Student

Oliver, N5 Maths Student

I needed N5 Maths to apply for a Post Grad (PGDE) in Primary Teaching.  There are a number of things I like about Saturday School, one thing in particular is the level of care that goes into each student.  For example, a progress report after assessments from Graeme makes things personal to the individual. 


It’s different because it takes place on a Saturday. I studied N5 last year in the evenings and after an all day shot at uni it was near impossible to focus on maths. 


The lecturers are truly dedicated to providing the best possible experience for you.  They really do care if you are successful or not.  Graeme ensures that he knows people by name in order to make things personal.  I’ve been given progress reports to allow me to reflect on what I’ve done.  I never got any of that from previous experiences.


Saturday School has been a great experience and the teachers are very good in their particular subjects.  I needed the N5 Maths Qualification to apply for a PDGE and go into teaching high schools.  Furthermore, going to study N5 Maths on a Saturday has allowed me to study and continue working full-time during the week.  The teachers and the structure is very organised at Saturday School and there is always someone there to answer any questions.


David, N5 Maths Student

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