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Exam registration
- Register as a candidate for SQA exams (2025 diet)
​- Higher and National 5 subjects

- Entry at our Glasgow exam centre
- Private candidate entry
- Adults, school pupils or home educated young people

- All externally assessed coursework included

- Alternative exam venues on request 

As well as those taking fully-taught SQA National Qualification courses with us, many students contact us each year and ask if we can present them for the SQA exams.  Such enquiries are typically from adults or young people who have learned the coursework independently or with another centre outside of Saturday School. 


Whilst there are some important quality assurance steps we need to take to ensure the candidate is ready for the final exam, the answer is often yes, Saturday School Ltd can present external/private candidates for SQA National 5 and Higher exams, including any externally assessed course work such as English folio pieces or Science assignments.

Exam and qualification options: 

National 5 Maths

Higher Maths

  • Exam only - £350

National 5 and Higher English

  • Final exam and submission of the externally assessed portfolio - £950

  • Fully-taught online qualification course with final exam and submission of the externally assessed portfolio - £950

National 5 and Higher Science subjects

(available for H/N5 Biology, H/N5 Chemistry, H Human Biology and N5/H Physics) 

  • Final exam and completion of the externally assessed practical assignment - £1250

Please note that the science assignments require mandatory candidate attendance at:


Online information sessions for assignment:

Biology (all levels) - Tuesday 14th January 2025, 7pm to 8:30pm

Chemistry (all levels) - Wednesday 15th January 2025, 7pm to 8:30pm

Physics (all levels) - Thursday 16th January 2025, 7pm to 8:30pm

In person practical science work (at The Glasgow Academy)

Biology (all levels) - Saturday 1st February, 2025, 9am to 12pm

Chemistry (all levels) - Saturday 8th February, 2025, 9am to 12pm

Physics (all levels) - Saturday 15th February, 2025, 9am to 12pm

In person report writing under exam conditions (at The Glasgow Academy)

Biology (all levels) - Saturday 22nd February, 2025, 9:30am to 12pm

Chemistry (all levels) - Saturday 1st March, 2025, 9:30am to 12pm

Physics (all levels) - Saturday 8th March, 2025, 9:30am to 12pm

In order to maximise success in the above exam and qualification options, it is advised to access the enhanced support available with our Weekly Lessons and Grade Booster Days.

If you have been learning an SQA National 5 or Higher course at another centre or independently via self-study or home-educated model, then you can take your final SQA exam with us.  The terminology here is that you would be a private candidate and Saturday School will be your presenting centre.  


You will need to register and pay as one of our students and meet the appropriate deadline for coursework and registration.  So, even though you have been learning the course outside of Saturday School, you can take the exam with us.  


For subjects like N5 and H Maths, this means you will come to us for the exam, for subjects where there are additional externally assessed items - such as English folio pieces or Physics assignments - you’ll need to come and take these with us too. 


Before we register candidates for exams, we will set a short assessment to ensure that you are ready for the challenges of the final SQA exam at that particular level.  It should be noted that your performance in this may result in the refusal to present you for that exam – but only in the case where we feel you have no realistic chance of success in the final exam. 

If you would like to discuss the options above with us in more detail, or if you have a specific/bespoke request, then please contact: 

You can also take a fully taught qualification course with us too, learn more about our courses on our qualifications page.

When and where

The final SQA exam diet is typically April/May each year which requires students to attend the final exam in-person at our exam centre in Glasgow.

Alternative exam venues may be possible on request.

Fees and structure

See the options listed above. 

Prices range from £350 to £1250.

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