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What we offer

Saturday School is a tutoring school and SQA Approved Centre based in Glasgow.

(Centre number: 3022692)

All Saturday School tutors are fully qualified and GTCS registered teachers of National 5 and Higher Biology, Chemistry, English, Human Biology, Maths and Physics.  


Saturday School tutors in Glasgow offer:​

  • Weekly taught lessons

  • Weekly small group revision classes

  • Prelim revision sessions

  • Easter revision classes

  • SQA in a Day intensive revision courses

  • Private one to one tuition in National 5 or Higher subjects

  • The Catherine McEwan Foundation Scholarship

  • Free revision classes in support of charity


Saturday School is an SQA Approved Centre offering weekend and part-time qualification courses in Glasgow for National 5 and Higher Maths, English and Physics. Saturday morning qualification courses are Individual Training Account enabled, so you may receive funding towards your course.

What we provide

All students are provided with a wealth of learning materials and stationery for each National 5 or Higher class they attend.  This applies to all tutoring classes and full qualification courses. 


Constant online support is also offered to all of our students, so the support our tutors provide extends well beyond the Saturday morning class.

Saturday School provides:

  • All necessary stationery

  • SQA endorsed textbooks

  • Past paper and mock exams

  • A vast online learning library

  • Snacks and drinks

Who we are


Graeme Rough

Graeme is the Director and owner of Saturday School Ltd.  As well as managing the tuition courses at Saturday School, Graeme also delivers the Physics weekly revision sessions, Easter classes and the SQA in a Day courses.  Until Spring 2019 he was Faculty Leader of Science at Wallace High School in Stirling and is now the Head of STEM Programmes at SSERC. Before completing his university degree in Physics and subsequent PGDE, Graeme trained and worked in industry, spending six years as a Mechanical Services Engineer.

Graeme is passionate about linking higher/further education and work beyond high school into learning – raising participation and engagement in STEM among young people on a national scale is now his main objective. He works with organisations such as Education Scotland, Scotland’s Science Centres, STEM Hubs, Youth Groups and The Engineering Development Trust to create learning opportunities and projects for young people in Scotland.

Ensuring that our young people in Scotland have the highest quality education, opportunities and support should be at the forefront of everything we do as education practitioners.  STEM in particular, is at the heart of everything and we benefit from STEM on an almost second-by-second basis.  That’s why I’m proud to support the next generation to explore and seize the countless exciting opportunities that exist in STEM”.


Allistair Cruickshanks

Allistair has been a Maths Tutor at Saturday School Ltd since 2017 where he leads the N5 Maths Qualification Course and regularly supports the Higher Maths weekly revision classes. 


Like all of our tutors, he is a fully qualified Maths Teacher, working at Wallace High School in Stirling and has a wealth of experience in all courses from BGE, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Maths - he is also an SQA marker for the Higher Maths exam.


He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics and a PGDE in Secondary Mathematics teaching.


Allistair is passionate about teaching and learning; he strives for excellence and finds nothing more rewarding than when a learner has that all-important “light bulb moment”. 


He has developed several high quality materials for Maths learning; ensuring his students build confidence in Numeracy.  He leads a team of S6 Numeracy Champions who support younger learners to develop core skills and resilience with Numeracy.


“It is fantastic to get to know and work with adults who have made the choice to enter back into the world of learning and I am thrilled to be a part of their journey through the N5 Maths Qualification course.  It has been a very rewarding experience so far and I believe I’ve become a better teacher as a result.”

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