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Funding Partnership

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Becoming and Education Funding Partner of Saturday School Ltd allows organisations to demonstrate and celebrate their commitment to supporting educational opportunities for young people and adults in Scotland; making it clear that these organisations recognise and value the talents and potential of people in their local or national community.  Our Education Funding Partners make up a growing and diverse group of companies who make success in education a reality for Saturday School Scholars.


Our Education Funding Partners are making it possible for our scholars to:

  • Attend our weekly lessons

  • Maximise their learning and chances of exam success at our Grade Booster Days

  • Complete a full SQA National 5 or Higher Qualification

  • Gain online support from our fully qualified teachers

  • Access our wealth of online leaning resources

  • Complete work experience/placement programmes

  • Progress into further or higher education courses

  • Increase their employment/promotion prospects

  • Build their educational recovery

"I can't thank the foundation enough for this opportunity" 



“The classes are great for me as they make me feel relaxed and confident to ask questions, something I can't normally do in school.”


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"Within the space of a few lessons of my scholarship, I turned my chemistry scores around, from 20% to 70%, that in itself shows the incredible difference Saturday School makes"   



Benefits for Education Funding Partners

We understand that organisations, companies and individuals who fund our scholarship programme at Saturday School are not looking to gain any benefit them and it is clear from the many partnerships agreements we have, that they are simply contributing to unlock and maximise the potential of individuals within their community.  There are however many benefits to allow organisations to celebrate their involvement and the success it creates, ensuring their contributions are recognised. 


Being an Education Funding Partner offers:

  • full use of Education Funding Partnership logo and Saturday School branding for use in company publications and media

  • company logo and biography on our Education Funding Partner webpage with backlinks

  • company video biography on Saturday School website

  • acknowledgment within our annual independent impact report (produced by University of Glasgow)

  • company editorial in our annual scholarship case study report

  • offer of a keynote speech at our launch and celebration events

  • a range of digital assets including professional photography with scholars and company staff for use in media publications

  • regular updates on scholarship progress

  • detailed final report on learner attainment and outcomes

  • inclusion in all relevant press and media publications from Saturday School 

Additional benefits:

  • creation of work experience/placement opportunities for scholars (appropriate safeguarding action required)

  • recruitment opportunities

  • meeting the expectations of employers in the Career Education Standard

  • building clear links to education and developing and understanding of curriculum and policy

  • development and professional learning for company staff

  • delivering on national strategy such as Developing the Young Workforce

  • raising awareness of local issues, relevant to the communities in which companies are located

Education Funding Partners can often embed their own professional aims, targets or corporate social responsibilities into their support of our scholarship programmes, many of our supporting companies are committed to areas such as:


  • closing the attainment gap

  • increasing access for underrepresented groups in particular subjects

  • widening participation for underserved people/communities

  • challenging stereotypes in education

  • fulfilling commitments on in-house, local or national policy

The points above are often vital in the selection process for scholarships, and Education Funding Partners can have as much involvement in this process as they wish, identifying the right people who they know will benefit most from being awarded a place on the programme.  


If you are interested in becoming and Education Funding Partner of Saturday School, funding tiers can be found below. 

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Candidate qualification sponsorship

Sponsor an individual or group through a full SQA National 5 or Higher qualification at Saturday School

£1000 per candidate

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Sponsor a Grade Booster Day

Sponsor a National 5 or Higher Grade Booster Day for 20 students at Saturday School



Saturday School Scholarship

Support a group of scholars with unlimited, access all areas, to the entire tuition and revision portfolio in all subjects for an entire academic year

2 Scholars: £4000      

4 Scholars: £8000     

8 Scholars: £15,000 

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Catherine McEwan Foundation Scholarship

Support scholars who have had their education impacted by IBD (Crohn's Disease or Colitis) to access the full tuition and revision portfolio at Saturday School

Contact us to donate to the scholarship fund



Work with Saturday School to design a scholarship or sponsorship model that meets your exact aims and requirements to support the education and development of people in your community or nationally. 

This is a popular approach for schools who are looking to give specific/enhanced support to learners via PEF or attainment funding.  It is also an option for organisations with in-house staff development aspirations. 

Contact us to discuss

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