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National 5 & Higher Science Qualifications


  • Available for Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology and Physics

  • Open to adults, school pupils and home educated learners

  • Externally assessed practical assignment included

  • Self study model with guided support

  • SQA registration for final exam included

  • Can be enhanced with Weekly Lessons and Grade Booster Days

  • Internationally recognised alternative to GCSE

SQA National 5 and Higher Sciences are becoming more and more crucial as qualifications for entry to work, college or university.  The vast majority of growth sectors in the world right now are in STEM industries and this is only going to increase.  As the demand for people with STEM qualifications continues to grow, it’s easier than many think to gain National 5 or Higher qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, even for people outside of secondary school.  There’s a misconception that mature students, or home-educated learners in Scotland need to opt for qualifications outside of SQA offers, some even opt for courses that are delivered outside of Scotland with little or no relevance to our own curriculum, there is absolutely no need for this! 


Saturday School Ltd has the solution for anyone looking to take a Science National Qualification and we provide everything that’s required to complete the externally assessed practical assignment as well as the final exam, so there’s no need to look towards providers outside of Scotland or to take a less relevant qualification.

Completing your National 5 or Higher Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology or Physics qualification with Saturday School Ltd is done predominantly on a self-study model but with our key interventions to include:

  • Full course registration

  • Guidance to relevant study materials and resources

  • Online information sessions to prepare you for your practical assignment

  • In-person practical sessions to carry out your lab work and gather your results

  • In-person reporting session to complete your report

  • The identification of any additional assessment needs/arrangements 

  • Ongoing contact to ensure success and progress

  • The final exam

Candidates can choose to enhance their learning by attending our Weekly Lessons or Grade Booster Days which are held in person at our Glasgow and Edinburgh sites.

When and where

Remote self-study with key interventions and mandatory attendance at online and in-person sessions for the externally assessed assignment.

​Assignment activities take place January to March each year.

The final exam is typically April/May.

​The final exam also takes place in-person in Glasgow.

Fees and structure


To enquire or apply simply contact us.

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