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Grade Booster Days
Intensive SQA exam revision courses 

  • Range of SQA National 5 and Higher subjects 

  • Fully qualified teachers and tutors ​

  • Full coverage of all key areas and skills

  • Online support and in-person tutoring

  • Combined 8-hour SQA exam revision course

  • Available in Glasgow and Edinburgh

April - May

Grade Booster Days come in twos! 

Grade Booster day 1:

Day 1 typically takes place during the the Easter holiday and begins the process of a full course review in preparation for all final assessments and SQA exams.  A carefully selected list of key areas, knowledge and skills from across the Higher or National 5 subject is covered.  We make sure that the theory is re-taught, covering any gaps, before going on to build the necessary skills to successfully deal with these areas under exam conditions.  Our staff are fully qualified, practicing teachers who know their subjects in thorough detail, so we know exactly how to prepare young people for the challenges ahead.


Grade Booster Day 2:

Day 2 continues and completes the brilliant work done in Day 1.  After quick look back at Day 1, we introduce the next careful selection of key areas, knowledge and skills to bring all of the learning and consolidation together for students.  The timing is perfect as we schedule Day 2 as close to the exam as possible and in most cases, Day 2 often runs the weekend before the final exam, or as close to it as possible.  This means all the revision, tips and techniques are fresh and fully reviewed, leaving students ready to take on the final exam with maximised confidence. 

Whilst we do recommend attendance at both days, we also appreciate this is not always possible so it is perfectly acceptable to attend Day 1 or 2 only. 

Grade Booster Days for National 5 and Higher English, Maths, Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry and Physics offer students the opportunity to build on the work and grades they have achieved in class and coursework to ensure that any remaining prelims and course assessments are completed with the highest possible chances of success.  Joining our Grade Booster Days creates the increased likelihood of better predicted grades being submitted to SQA for students and can “pull up” any average scores across assessments which centres are making on their students. 


In order to create recommended grades, schools are expected to gather their evidence on candidate performance across a range of assessment events and not just a single prelim.  There is also an expectation that a wide range of the course and its associated skills and knowledge is/are assessed.  As students enter into the final stages of their courses, the improved performance, knowledge and confidence gained from our Grade Booster Days aim to raise the attainment of those who take part.  

During the N5 and Higher Grade Booster Days students can expect:

  • Re-teaching and revised, in-depth coverage of the most pertinent key areas of SQA National 5 or Higher Maths, English, Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish.

  • A forward-looking approach to the type of assessments which remain for the students and a content-focused approach to maximise the preparedness for these.

  • A fully qualified and GTCS registered teacher.

  • Tutorial style completion of exam standard questions and analysis of the worked solutions by application of the SQA marking instructions.

  • Focus on further developing exam/assessment technique, knowledge consolidation and problem-solving skills.

  • Subsequent ongoing support online seven days per week, from expert tutors via a secure, online learning platform.  This gives students the opportunity to ask questions, seek support and download from Saturday School Limited’s bank of learning materials all the way through to the final exam.

  • All stationery and learning materials.

  • A half-hour break with snacks and refreshments provided.


Grade Booster Days are aimed at anyone studying SQA National 5 or Higher BiologyChemistryEnglish, MathsPhysics or Spanish

When and where

Saturday School Limited’s N5 and Higher Grade Booster Days run from Easter to May.  Each subject is allocated two days.

All All Grade Booster Days begin at 10.00 and end at 14.00.

Saturday School Limited’s N5 and Higher Grade Booster Days take place in:

The Saunders Centre, The Glasgow Academy


St George's School, Edinburgh

Fees and structure

Grade Booster Days are £99 each.

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