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Language is at the core of English courses and is of course fundamental in our lives.  English is representative of a set of highly valued, and highly valuable, language skills giving candidates the opportunity to contribute to and to flourish within a communications-driven society.  English courses allow candidates to identify and develop their reading, writing, talking and listening skills.

English courses building a learners confidence and ability to read critically, talk and write about texts, and use language creatively to create their own written pieces.

Alongside the important STEM subjects, English forms the platform for communication and progress in our world.

National 5 and Higher English courses are assessed, in broad terms, via four main components:  exam paper 1 Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation; exam paper 2 critical reading; the externally assessed portfolio; the internally assessed spoken language unit.


Saturday School fully qualified tutors offer support in National 5 and Higher English via the following options:

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