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Higher in a Day

  • 10:00 – 16:00

  • Range of subjects

  • Full course coverage


Annual class

Prior to exam

Saturday School Limited’s Higher in a Day courses are the original six-hour intensive exam revision courses designed to fully prepare students for the final exam.  Higher in a Day courses take students through an entire SQA  Higher course in one day in preparation for the final exam.  Like every other tuition or qualification class offered at Saturday School, Higher in a Day courses are delivered by fully qualified, GTCS-registered teachers, Saturday School only ever employs tutors who have the best possible credentials and experience.

During the Higher in a Day in a Day intensive exam revision courses students can expect:

  • A fully qualified, GTCS registered teacher within Saturday School Limited’s SQA Approved Centre.

  • Re-teaching and revised, in-depth coverage of all the key areas and skills in Higher subjects.

  • To work through modelled examples with specific marking instructions to maximise the likelihood of exam success.

  • Focus on further developing exam technique, knowledge consolidation and problem-solving skills.

  • Subsequent ongoing support online, seven days per week, from expert tutors via a secure, online learning platform. This gives students the opportunity to ask questions, seek support and download from Saturday School Limited’s bank of learning materials. This also ensures that students can access all digital materials used during the Higher in a Day classes.

  • All stationery items, as well as relevant paper materials.

  • Two fifteen minute breaks and a half-hour lunch break with light snacks and refreshments provided.

Higher in a Day courses are aimed at anyone studying SQA Higher BiologyChemistryEnglishHuman BiologyMathsPhysics or Spanish.

When and where

Saturday School Limited’s Higher in a Day courses usually run on the final or penultimate Saturday before the SQA exam in that subject.

All Higher in a Day classes run from 10:00 - 16:00.

Saturday School Limited’s Higher in a Day courses take place The Saunders Centre, The Glasgow Academy.

Fees and structure

Higher in a Day classes are £100 each.

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