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Weekly Lessons

  • 09:00 - 10:20 and 10:40 - 12:00

  • Range of subjects - specific key areas

  • Direct teaching



August - April

Saturday School’s weekly lessons are tutor-led, directly taught classes, limited to 12 students per lesson.  The content of each lesson is set out in advance and scheduled on our website, allowing students to book lessons based only on the content that they need. 

Weekly lessons are 80 minutes long which allows a deeper and more impactful learning experience compared to typical school periods.  Our fully qualified, GTCS-registered teachers will deliver high quality lessons on the set content for that day, allowing time at the end for the all-important worked examples and exam level practice on the area which has been taught.

Students will also be left with additional recommendations of selected questions from SQA past papers, or our own exam-standard examples, which will allow them to further develop in the specified area beyond the lesson.

As well as vital face-to-face teaching, students are given access to Saturday School’s online platform where they can access a wealth of digital learning materials and can also contact our staff, anytime, day or night, for extra support.

Weekly lessons allow students to master an area they may not yet have fully grasped, being re-taught to our unrivalled high standards by our expert staff. 


It also offers students the opportunity to learn key content for the first time with us, in our unique and highly effective learning environment, meaning, that when it is introduced in school, they will have the advantage of prior knowledge, ability and confidence in what will be a familiar area of the course for them. 


Weekly lessons also provide an opportunity to fill gaps in knowledge that students may have due to attendance or lack of contact time with their teachers. 


Weekly lessons are aimed at any pupil or student studying SQA National 5 or Higher Biology, Chemistry, English, Human Biology, Maths, Physics or Spanish.   

When and where

Saturday School Limited’s weekly lessons start in August and run until the Christmas break.


There are four lessons available each Saturday; two at National 5 and two at Higher level.  Lesson 1 is from 09:00 to 10:20 and Lesson 2 is from 10:40 to 12:00.


Saturday School’s weekly lessons take place in The Saunders Centre, The Glasgow Academy.

Fees and structure

Weekly lessons are £35 each.


This includes one 80-minute lesson, all learning materials, stationery, snacks and drinks, and constant support available from our tutors online.


Students can attend weekly lessons on a schedule and frequency that suits them.  We expect our weekly lessons to be incredibly popular and become full very quickly, so it is important that students consider a full plan which spans the available months and make an early booking to avoid disappointment.