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N5 Maths Past Papers

In order to improve your National 5 Maths knowledge, skills, abilities and grades, it's essential to use National 5 Maths SQA Past Papers to test yourself.  Download the exam paper which contains paper 1 (non-calculator) and Paper 2 using the links below.  The finalised marking instructions are also available for each year of the National 5 Maths exam, including the specimen paper.

Before your SQA National 5 Maths exam, you should have worked through all of the past papers available, to maximise your study and preparation.  This will also develop a strong understanding of the assessment standards and the type of questions that are set.  

Tip: as your SQA exams approach, work through all of the past papers in 30-mark chunks of study.  Complete thirty marks worth of questions then stop, open the marking instructions and mark your own work as if you were an SQA marker.  If you were to grade those marks, what would it be?  What areas for improvement are you identifying in the work?  You should then use this experience to create a prioritised list of areas to improve.  Just as important, make sure you give yourself praise and take confidence in the areas where you are clearly showing strength and earning high marks.


2019:  Paper 1 and 2    Marking Instructions

2018:  Paper 1 and 2    Marking Instructions

2017:  Paper 1 and 2    Marking Instructions 

2016:  Paper 1 and 2    Marking Instructions

2015:  Paper 1 and 2    Marking Instructions

2014:  Paper 1 and 2    Marking Instructions 

Specimen Paper 1        Marking Instructions

Specimen Paper 2        Marking Instructions

Our friends at Starting Point Maths have produced a range of Maths resources.

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