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SQA English Portfolio Template (Higher and Nat 5)

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

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What is the SQA English folio template?

All National 5 and Higher English candidates are required to submit a portfolio which contains TWO  pieces of writing.

In order to do this, you must use an official Folio template to produce hard copies of your portfolio, which will be sent to the SQA.

Why do we need to use the official SQA English template?

Since 2016  portfolios have been e-marked. This means that each candidate’s portfolio must be scanned and then read by the marker.

As you can imagine, having all types of fonts sizes, line spaces and margins could make reading the folios difficult. If the information is missing or any part of the Folio is impossible to read, this could result in a lower grade for the candidate. Therefore, a template with standard fonts and margins makes the process much smoother and improves your chances of getting a good result.

What format does the SQA English folio template use?

The template is available in a Word format. This means if you are using a Mac rather than a PC you should use Word for Mac.

How do I use the SQA English folio template?

You can download and/or print copies of the template as required. The SQA recommend that candidates type directly onto the template. But, you can also copy and paste your writing from another file. The template has a straightforward format and is set up with a common font and font size.