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Tuition and Revision > Maths prelim revision

Prelim revision masterclass

£30 per day
 6th & 7th Nov 2021

  • 10:00 – 11:20 (two-day course)

  • Reteaching and revision of main key areas in N5/H Maths

  • Preparation to maximise prelim grades

Maximise your prelim score and boost your SQA predicted grade.

The past few years in Scottish education have taught us just how important coursework, assessment and prelim grades are; in fact, it has been these very grades that have become the final award for most - if not all - pupils in recent exam results. 


Our online Maths prelim revision masterclasses give National 5 and Higher students the best possible preparation for the prelims they will sit in school or college.  Our fully qualified, GTCS-registered teachers know exactly what key areas, skills and question types are set in prelims and they use all of their experience and expert subject knowledge to refresh, reteach and upskill students.  Not only will students gain a thorough revision experience with us, and have the chance to increase their exam technique, they will also build their self-confidence, feeling ready and prepared to take on the challenge of SQA exam-standard assessment questions.  


Our team of Maths Tutors - who are also SQA markers for N5/H exams -  have identified the most relevant key areas and skills from the National 5 and Higher Maths courses and have prepared a dynamic and engaging two-day revision course.  

Our prelim revision masterclasses are taught online with each course made up of two 80-minute classes across two consecutive mornings - typically a Saturday and Sunday of the same same weekend.

When and where

Fees and structure

Prelim revision masterclasses are delivered across two consecutive days, typically a Saturday and Sunday morning.

Each day students complete a 80-minute session with us.

Prelim revision masterclasses for 2021 will run across Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November, both sessions run from 10:00 to 11:20.

Each 80-minute session is £30 and attendance at both sessions is advised (but certainly not mandatory) to ensure full coverage of all key areas, skills and topics.

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